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Contact Lenses

Comfortable and flexibility for those with active lifestyles or just for those who don’t like wearing their glasses. Our staff can help find the optimal fit.

See and Feel the Comfort

Active? Or maybe just tired of glasses and ready to go with contacts? We know everything about contact lenses. Soft lenses and gas permeable. We know the pros and cons of each and have various brands to cover all the different fit and vision needs. We will train you on fit, care and lifespan of your contacts if you're a new wearer. If you're a regular contact wearer, we'll make sure you've got the best brand and fit so you forget they're even there. Comfort is key and we've got the right contact for you.


  • Cooper Vision
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Bausch and Lomb
  • Ciba
  • Kerasoft IC (for keratoconus and post lasik irregular corneas)

Trunk Show

We are having our friends and family trunk show. It is our 4th annual trunk show and we will have food, drinks, raffles and give-aways! Saturday Sept 23 10am - 3pm

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We will be closed from Sept. 21st to Sept. 25th for continuing education!