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Optima IPL Dry Eye Treatment

Now FDA Approved for dry eye treatment!

Carroll Eye Care is now offering IPL treatments for dry eye. 

Our Lumenis Stellar IPL-or “Intense Pulsed Light”- targets the abnormal blood vessels and congested eye glands, the underlying cause of dry eye, with multiple wavelengths at the same time, alleviating the irritated conditions of dry eyes, clogged eyelid glands, and the red inflammation brought about by Rosacea. Our technology also hides scars, covers spots, and smooths wrinkles.

Thanks to the Lumenis Stellar IPL, Carroll Eye Care can bring healing to dry eyes by alleviating abnormal and inflamed blood vessels, leveling out the concentration of the tear film, and restoring functionality to the Meibomian glands. We treat the cause, not just the symptoms!

Looking forward to long lasting results in just 3-4 treatments